Virginia's Only Standing Civil War Receiving Hospital
The Cemetery List—U through Z


J. W. Vandusen Co. G, 1st New York Drag. JUNE 1864
Albert Vanmacover Co. B, 9th Louisiana DECEMBER 1863
Beverly C. Vaughn Co. M, 21st North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
I. Volary Co. A, 9th Louisiana MAY 1862
H. P. Wade Co. F, 6th Alabama JUNE 1864
John Wagoner Co. C, 18th Mississippi MAY 1864
Asa Walker Co. H, 60th Georgia AUGUST 1862
S. H. Walker Co. D, 9th Louisiana APRIL 1862
Robert Wall Co. F, 46th North Carolina MARCH 1864
William H. Wallace 1stLt., Co. A, 20th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
W. W. Waller Co. H, 55th North Carolina APRIL 1864
Charles H. Warnes Co. H, 48th Mississippi MARCH 1863
F. M. Warren Co. K, 11th Alabama MARCH 1862
John Warren Co. E, 38th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
N. B. Warren Co. H, 20th North Carolina FEBRUARY 1864
Lewis Watson Co. G, 49th Georgia APRIL 1864
T. J. Watson Co. C, 16th Georgia MAY 1864
B. F. Watts Sgt.-Maj, Co. G, 3rd North Carolina Batt. JULY 1863
William Weaver Co. G, 26th North Carolina MARCH 1864
J. C. Weeks Co. A, 9th Louisiana MAY 1862
James G. West Co. K, 50th Virginia AUGUST 1863
Edmond Westmoreland Co. G, 24th Georgia MARCH 1863
A. A. Whatley
<known relative>
Co. I, 15th Alabama MAY 1864
Obediah N. Wheeler Co. H, 35th Georgia AUGUST 1863
A. G. White Co. D, 5th New York Cav. JUNE 1864
Lewis White
born Esidore Viet
Sgt. Co. F, 7th New Jersey JUNE 1864
R. P. White 2nd Virginia Cavalry MAY 1862
T. L. White Co. K, 15th Alabama MAY 1864
W. White Co. D, 8th New York Calvary JUNE 1864
W. H. H. White Co. C, 55th Virginia AUGUST 1862
Wyatt White Co. C, 45th North Carolina JUNE 1863
Andrew M. F. Whitley Co. H, 12th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
John Whitlock Co. D, 13th Virginia Infantry APRIL 1863
Elisha Wickers Caskie's Artillery (VA) AUGUST 1863
Braxton Wigons Co, F, 12th Virginia OCTOBER 1863
J. M. Wilcox Sgt., Co. D, 3rd Virginia Cavalry JUNE 1864
Jos. Wiley Co. D, 19th Mississippi MARCH 1862
Francis Wilkerson
<known relative>
Co. K, 55th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Joseph Wilkins Co. F, 40th Virginia MARCH 1864
W. Wilkins Co. F, 1st North Carolina MAY 1864
William Willeford
<known relative>
Cpl., Co. H, 2nd Georgia AUGUST 1863
Milans Williams Co. B, 46th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
A. Williams Co. G, 1st North Carolina MAY 1864
A. R. Williams Cpl., Co. C, 23rd North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
Milans Williams Co. B, 46th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
S. G. Williams Co. H, 3rd Alabama JUNE 1864
Addis B. Willis Co. H, 5th Virginia Cavalry APRIL 1863
Andrew Willis Co. B, 1st South Carolina JUNE 1863
J. B. Willis Co. I, 15th Alabama MARCH 1862
John L. Wilson Co. E, 30th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
S. G. Wilson Cpl., Co. I, 20th Georgia APRIL 1862
W. W. Wilson Co. F, 7th Georgia Cavalry JUNE 1864
J. H. Windhams and
B. H. Lee,
(unknown had two names)
5th Florida DECEMBER 1862
Bradley Wise Co. H, 23rd Louisiana Cavalry OCTOBER 1862
J. Wolfe Co. F, 22nd North Carolina AUGUST 1862
William Wolfe Co. E, 2nd Virginia JANUARY 1863
J. M. Wood Lt., Co. D, 22nd Georgia APRIL 1864
J. W. Wood
<known relative>
Co. G, 48th North Carolina DECEMBER 1863
Marley Wood Co. C, 30th North Carolina JANUARY 1863
George W. Woodard
<known relative>
Co. A, 55th North Carolina Infantry MARCH 1864
Hugh Wooten Co. E, 61st Georgia MARCH 1863
A. Wooton Co. B, 2nd South Carolina OCTOBER 1862
Nathan Wright Co. B, 34th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
W. T. Yates Co. I, 9th Louisiana APRIL 1862
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