Virginia's Only Standing Civil War Receiving Hospital
The Cemetery List—R through T

William Randall Co. I, 52nd North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
Valentine Ratliffe Clark's Battery (VA) SEPTEMBER 1863
W. D. Ray
<known relative>
Co. D, 47th Alabama SEPTEMBER 1862
W. H. Ray Co. C, 8th Louisiana MAY 1862
Wm. A. Redding
<known relative>
Lt., Co. F, 37th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
Franklin Reed Co. H, 25th Virginia SEPTEMBER 1863
Christopher C. Reese Co. B, 48th Georgia JANUARY 1863
Edward Revell Co. B, 52nd North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Edward Rice Co, K, 7th Georgia NOVEMBER 1862
Augustus Richardson Co. B, 53rd Virginia DECEMBER 1862
William L. Ridge Co. G, 14th South Carolina MARCH 1863
Dickson Riggs Co. I, 5th North Carolina MARCH 1862
Alfred Rinehart Co. K, 6th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
L. Ringold Co. D, 3rd North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
James Rising Co. F, 15th North Carolina FEBRUARY 1864
M. P. Roberts Co. D, 63rd North Carolina DECEMBER 1863
M. G. Robins Co. G, 2nd North Carolina Cavalry DECEMBER 1863
John B. Robinson Co. I, 22nd Georgia NOVEMBER 1862
Joseph S. Robinson Co. B, 8th Alabama SEPTEMBER 1863
William H. H. Robinson Co. K, 24th Virginia JUNE 1863
Andrew Robnett Co. G, 37th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
S. Rodgers Co. B, 60th Georgia SEPTEMBER 1862
William A. Rogan Co. F, 5th Florida NOVEMBER 1862
Thomas Rogers Co, K, 1st North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
Jesse Roland Co. D, 23rd Georgia FEBRUARY 1863
W. Roth Co. H, 39th New York JUNE 1864
Joseph W. Rothwell Co. D, 56th Virginia AUGUST 1863
A. Rowe Cpl Co. D, 2nd U.S. Cav. JUNE 1864
Thomas Rowland Co. C, 12th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
Henry Rucker Co. C, 4th Alabama JUNE 1863
C. H. Rugg Co. A, 57th Massachusetts JUNE 1864
L. D. Russell Co, D, 2nd Florida DECEMBER 1862
John Rust Co. I, 1st South Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
Thomas T. Samuels Co. G, 21st North Carolina OCTOBER 1862
William P. Samuels Co. G, 21st North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
Alfred M. Sanders Co. K, 37th North Carolina JUNE 1863
John Saunders Co. B, 14th Georgia AUGUST 1863
A. J. Scoggin Co. B, 13th Georgia NOVEMBER 1863
Willis Seilers LT. Colonel., 33rd North Carolina NOVEMBER 1863
G. W. Sharpe Co. F, 61st Georgia JANUARY 1863
Robert Sherman Co. K, 2nd Georgia JUNE 1863
William Shie Co. E, 44th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
J. D. Shreve Co D, 8th Virginia SEPTEMBER 1862
Amos T. Simmons Co. H, 53rd Virginia NOVEMBER 1862
Isham Simpson
<known relative>
Co, A, 2nd North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
W. S. Simpson 50th Virginia Militia APRIL 1862
Gibson A. Smilley Co. G, 17th Georgia NOVEMBER 1862
Archibald Smith Co. B, 54th North Carolina MARCH 1863
Edwin Smith Lt., Co. A, 2HCB JUNE 1864
Emory Smith Co, H, 14th Georgia DECEMBER 1862
H. Smith Co. E, 4th U.S. 1864
Hugh L. W. Smith Co. C, 5th Virginia Cavalry SEPTEMBER 1864
H. R. Smith Co. F, 21st North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
Jacob C. Smith Co. A, 4th South Carolina Cavalry SEPTEMBER 1864
J. M. Smith Co. I, 6th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
J. S. S. Smith Co. H, 5th Florida AUGUST 1862
R. M. Smith Co. B, 19th Mississippi AUGUST 1863
S. Smith 146th New York DATE UNKNOWN
Wm. Smith Co. M, 16th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
Jos. Smithy Co. H, 2nd North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
George W. Snapp Co. H, 2nd Virginia Cavalry MARCH 1863
William R. Sneed Nelson's Artillery AUGUST 1863
J. R. Spann Co. K, 17th Georgia JUNE 1864
Allen Spear Co. E, 48th North Carolina MARCH 1864
W. B. Speas Co. I, 33rd North Caro1ina MAY 1862
Timothy A. Spence Co. H, 8th Alabama AUGUST 1863
John William Spurling
<known relative>
Co. C, 15th North Carolina APRIL 1864
Riddle Spurger Phillips' Legion MARCH 1863
V. B. Stallard Lieut. Fredericksburg Artillery JANUARY 1864
William Stancil Co. B, 20th North Carolina MARCH 1863
G. W. Stephens Co. F, 3rd Vermont JUNE 1864
J. T. Stephens Co. K, 24th Georgia SEPTEMBER 1863
Wm. H. Stevens Co. F, 17th Mississippi JULY 1863
W. L. Stephenson Co. K, 6th Virginia MAY 1864
John W. Stewart Co. H, 5th Alabama JANUARY 1863
J. J. Stewart Co. F, 2nd Louisiana AUGUST 1862
Thomas P. Stewart Co. G, 38th Georgia AUGUST 1862
William Stogus Co. A, 59th Georgia JUNE 1864
Wm. H. Stokes Co. C, 17th Mississippi DECEMBER 1862
James H. Stout Co. I, 49th Virginia AUGUST 1863
J. L. Stubbs Co. C, 20th Mississippi MAY 1864
G. W. Suggs Co. E, 44th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
-- Sulken Co. C, -- Pennsylvania Cavalry DATE UNKNOWN
Marcus Sutton
<known relative>
CO. G. 60th Georgia AUGUST 1862
Elias Swain Co. B, 44th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
W. F. Sykes Co. B, 44th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1863
C. W. Tabb Co. G, 2nd Virginia FEBRUARY 1864
George W. Tatum Co. F, 54th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
-- Taylor 37th Georgia SEPTEMBER 1862
John H. Taylor
<known relative>
Co. I, 7th Virginia Cavalry AUGUST 1863
William Taylor Co. A, 3rd North Carolina FEBRUARY 1863
A. Teasley Co. E, 46th North Carolina APRIL 1864
George L. Terrell Co. D, 13th Virginia NOVEMBER 1863
Benjamin S. Terry Co. D, 21st North Carolina OCTOBER 1862
Henry J. Thomas Trebble's Artillery (VA) AUGUST 1863
William M. Thomas Co. I, 31st Georgia JUNE 1863
B. D. Thompson Co. B, 22nd Virginia MAY 1864
James Thompson Co. C, 28th North Carolina MARCH 1864
R. Thompson Co. G, 26th Georgia AUGUST 1862
J. W. Tidwell Co. G, 14th Tennessee MAY 1864
J. W. Tilley Co. K, 2nd North Carolina Cavalry OCTOBER 1863
Newton J. Tomlin Co. I, 44th Georgia MARCH 1863
L. L. Trask Co. I, 5th New York Cav. JUNE 1864
Henry Tucker Co. C, 41st Virginia NOVEMBER 1863
J. H. Turner Co. D, 47th North Carolina APRIL 1864
James R. Tuttle Co. K, 1st Tennessee APRIL 1864
Milton Tuttle Co. G, 21st North Carolina OCTOBER 1862
Reuben Twitty Co. C, 8th Georgia JUNE 1863
Gillispie Tyree Co. C, 21st North Carolina FEBRUARY 1863
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