Virginia's Only Standing Civil War Receiving Hospital
The Cemetery List—D through F

Benjamin Dale Co. C, 30th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
D. A. Davis Co. A, 27th Georgia APRIL 1862
James Davis Lewis' Artillery Bacon's Batt. SEPTEMBER 1863
J. E. Davis Co. I, 27th Georgia APRIL 1862
John L. Davis Taylor's Artillery (VA) AUGUST 1863
S. A. Davis Co. F, 47th Alabama AUGUST 1862
Whitfield D. Davis Co. F, 57th Virginia NOVEMBER 1862
William Davis Co. F. 1st North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
John L. Delany Co. C, Phillip's Legion JUNE 1863
William Dempsey Cutshaw's MARCH 1864
D. Donnahee Co. E, 9th Louisiana APRIL 1862
E. L. Donnell Co. H, 7th Tennessee AUGUST 1862
John H. Donor Cobb's Legion (GA) MARCH 1863
Samuel L. Dorsett Co, D, 18th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
Junius Doughtery Co. E. 15th Alabama JUNE 1862
William Dourbley Co, D, 26th Georgia OCTOBER 1863
James M. Drake Co. C, 47th Virginia DECEMBER 1862
James J. Driggers Co. C, 50th Georgia JUNE 1863
Newton Drummond 90th Militia APRIL 1862
J. R. Drumwright Co. D, 22nd Virginia DECEMBER 1863
Gideon Duke Co. A, 3rd Virginia AUGUST 1863
James Marion Duncan
<known relative>
Sgt. Co. F, 42th Mississippi OCTOBER 1863
John Duncan Co. K, 50th Virginia MARCH 1864
J. A. Dunlap Co. H, 4th South Carolina Cav. JUNE 1864
William Dunn Co. E, 28th North Carolina MAY 1862
W. C. Dyson Wingfield's Artillery (GA) NOVEMBER 1863
E. P. Eagan Co. H, 18th Mississippi MAY 1864
James Edmiston
<known relative>
Co. C, 26th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
John Edwards Co. E, 14th South Carolina MAY 1864
W. M. Edwards Co. H, 27th North Carolina MAY 1864
J. W. Eichelberger Sgt. Co. E, 8th Virginia Cavalry JUNE 1863
J. T. Eley Co. G, 7th Georgia JUNE 1864
E. C. Ellington Co. C, 15th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
Andrew W. Elliott Co, C, 48th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
Beverly Elliott Co. C. 9th Virginia NOVEMBER 1862
W. F. Ellis Co. D, 39th Virginia Bat. Cav. APRIL 1864
Thomas Ellmore Co. K, 27th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Jasper Emory
<known relative>
Co. A, 44th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
Robert England Turner's Artillery (Va) JUNE 1863
Bennett W. Eskridge Co. D, 55th North Carolina JULY 1863
J. Evans Co. A, 38th Virginia MARCH 1862
James H. Evans Co. F, 12th Virginia FEBRUARY 1863
S. R. Evans Co. K, 41st Virginia JANUARY 1864
Wellington Evans Co. F, 6th Virginia Cavalry JUNE 1863
John G. Everett Co. A, Cobb's Legion (GA) MARCH 1863
Hiram Everhart Co. K, 48th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
E. M. Ezzell Co. G, 3rd North Carolina AUGUST 1862
J. H. Fann Co. A, 49th Georgia AUGUST 1862
J. W. Farmer Co. K, 3rd North Carolina MAY 1864
Nicholas Farr Co. H, 15th South Carolina MAY 1864
Granberry Farrell
<known relative>
Co. A, 55th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1863
Edwin Faulconer Co. E, 9th Virginia Cavalry JUNE 1863
G. W. Fay Co. H, 6th Michigan Calvary JUNE 1864
F. L. Ferrell
<known relative>
Co. D, 45th North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
John W. Ferrell
<known relative>
Co. G, 5th North Carolina DECEMBER 1863
F. M. Fields Co. G, 29th Virginia SEPTEMBER 1863
James H. Finch Co. D, 47th Alabama JULY 1863
R. Finch Co. H, 47th North Carolina APRIL 1864
Simon Fleming Co. F, 14th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
S. P. Flournaroy Co. K, 21st Georgia APRIL 1862
Benjamin F. Fortune Co. D, 5th Virginia Cavalry MARCH 1863
Jeremiah T. Fouche Cutt's Artillery (GA.) AUGUST 1863
W. I. Fowler Sgt., Co. D, 20th North Caro1ina DECEMBER 1862
James T. Freeman Co. C, 10th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
Wm. M. Fulk 21st North Carolina SEPTEMBER 1862
Fontaine Furk Co. A, 21st North Carolina FEBRUARY 1863
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