Virginia's Only Standing Civil War Receiving Hospital
The Cemetery List—K through M

Peter Kearley North Carolina Conscript NOVEMBER 1863
P. A. Keer Corp., Co. B, 16th New York Cavalry DATE UNKNOWN
R. P. Kefauver Co. E 42nd Virginia DECEMBER 1863
Joseph Keith Co. I, 50th Virginia AUGUST 1863
William Keller Co. B, 7th Georgia Cavalry AUGUST 1864
Daniel Kennedy Co. E, 46th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1863
Mercer J. Kervin Co. M, 8th South Carolina FEBRUARY 1863
J. M. Kimbrew Co. B, 27th Georgia APRIL 1862
Harper L. King Co. F, 21st Regiment NC Troops MAY 1862
J. D. King Co. C, 9th Louisiana MAY 1862
Wiley W. King Co. D, 15th Alabama JUNE 1863
J. Knox Co. D, 1st Maryland APRIL 1862
Peter Kornight Graham's Artillery (NC) AUGUST 1863
Frederick Lake Co. H, 44th North Carolina OCTOBER 1863
Silas Lamb Co. D, 4th Virginia OCTOBER 1863
A. H. Lancaster Co. A, 27th North Carolina MAY 1864
L. D. Lancaster Co. H, 12th North Carolina JUNE 1862
R. R. Land Co. K, 5th South Carolina APRIL 1862
Simon Land Co. G, 16th Virginia MAY 1862
L. L. Lane Co. E, 1st South Carolina JANUARY 1864
Thomas H. Lane Sgt. Maj. Co. E, 43rd North Carolina AUGUST 1863
W. F. Lane Co. F, 2nd North Carolina MAY 1864
Zack Langley Alabama Artillery DECEMBER 1862
W. J. Langston Co. I, 5th Florida MARCH 1864
J. H. Larkins Co. G, 1st Tennessee MARCH 1864
John G. Lawrence Co. B, 44th North Carolina JUNE 1863
R. L. Lee Co. A, 6th Louisiana MAY 1862
B. A. Leonard Co. A, 13th North Carolina APRIL 1864
W. Lespiore Co. M, Phillips' Legion (GA) AUGUST 1862
B. A. M. Lethardt Co. F, 5th S. Carolina Cavalry JUNE 1864
H. W. Lev Co. F, 16th Mississippi JUNE 1864
John Lewis Co. C, 26th North Carolina MARCH 1864
William Lewis Co. H, 13th North Carolina MAY 1864
Isaac H. Lindsay Co. H, 3rd Georgia MARCH 1863
William B. Lindsay Co, A, 38th Virginia JUNE 1863
J. M. Liner Co. A, 35th Georgia AUGUST 1862
Wm. Linn Co. I, 27th Georgia MARCH 1862
T. R. Litten Co. I, 49th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
J. C. Lockhard Co. F, 15th South Carolina JUNE 1864
Joseph Lockwood Lt., Co. K, PSS South Carolina MAY 1864
John H. Long Co. A, 8th Florida OCTOBER 1862
J. Long Co. H, 47th Virginia AUGUST 1862
Thomas Longest Co. F, 55th Virginia JANUARY 1863
J. Longshore Cpl. Co. D, 6th Penna. Calvary JUNE 1864
Thomas Lovett Co. G, 16th Virginia SEPTEMBER 1862
Henry L. Luitz Sgt., Co. K, 46th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
R. W. Lyles Co. I, 12th South Carolina APRIL 1864
L. J. Lynch Co. A, 2nd Louisiana OCTOBER 1863
J. C. Lyons Co. G, 8th Louisiana NOVEMBER 1863
Joseph A. Maddox Co. K, 38th Georgia Infantry DECEMBER 1864
Michael Mann Clark's Battery (VA) SEPTEMBER 1863
Samual A. Mansfield Co. B, 24th Virginia DECEMBER 1862
John E. Manuel Co. C, 2nd Florida JUNE 1863
Silus Marion Co. H, 21st North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
John H. Martin Co, D, 2nd Virginia Cavalry MARCH 1863
J. W. Mason Co. H, 27th Georgia APRIL 1862
John R. Massey Johnson's Artillery AUGUST 1863
David Matthews Co. A, 16th North Carolina MARCH 1863
Robert F. Matthews Co. A, 42nd Virginia NOVEMBER 1863
B. L. Mays Asst. Surg., Rockbridge Artillery (VA) OCTOBER 1862
James Maze Co. F, 26th Alabama SEPTEMBER 1863
J. B. McAdams
also McCatdams
Co. G, 44th North Carolina FEBRUARY 1864
Handy McClain Co. F, 30th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
John McClatchey Co. I, 7th Georgia Cavalry JULY 1864
Thomas B. McClendon Co. B, 11th Georgia JUNE 1863
Alex McCloud Co. H, 44th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Willard McCoy Co. G, 3rd Arkansas AUGUST 1863
J. T. McCray Co. K, 1st New York Cav. JUNE 1864
Matthew McCullum Co. D, 15th North Carolina MAY 1864
Allen E. McDonald Co, C, 35th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
J. C. McDonald Co. E, 20th Georgia JUNE 1864
C. McDowell Co, D, 14th Virginia SEPTEMBER 1863
William A. McElroy Co. D, 16th Mississippi MAY 1862
John McGowan Co. C, 19th Mississippi FEBRUARY 1863
S. M. McGowan Co. F, 3rd South Carolina APRIL 1862
Warner McGowan Co. B, 12th Virginia Cavalry JUNE 1863
J. McKeever Co. D, 8th Florida FEBRUARY 1864
S. McKeever Co. G, 33rd North Carolina MAY 1864
Daniel McNear Co. A, 49th Georgia AUGUST 1862
Charles McSwain Co. I, 5th Florida NOVEMBER 1862
George O. McSwain Co. D, 55th North Carolina MAY 1864
J. McWhirter Co. A, 11th North Carolina JANUARY 1864
Wm. G. Meacham Co. F, 33rd North Carolina NOVEMBER 1862
James M. Meshaw Co. H, 3rd North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Barney Michael
<known relative>
Co. H, 48th North Carolina NOVEMBER 1863
David Miller Co. H, 4th U.S. Cavalry JUNE 1864
Felix Miller Co. H, 48th North Carolina MAY 1864
Wesley Miller Co. F, 33rd North Carolina AUGUST 1863
C. Mills Co. E, 2nd Florida FEBRUARY 1864
W. H. Mills Co. B, 7th Georgia JUNE 1864
J. Mirds Co. A, 15th Louisiana NOVEMBER 1863
J. M. Mitchell Co. A, 27th Georgia APRIL 1862
William N. Mitchell Co. K, 50th Georgia FEBRUARY 1863
James O. Money Co. I, 50th Georgia MARCH 1863
Edward I. W. Moore Co. B, 51st Georgia JUNE 1863
H. H. Moore Co. A, 7th Georgia Cavalry JULY 1864
John W. Moore Co. B, 13th Virginia JUNE 1863
William Moore Co. D, 49th Georgia FEBRUARY 1864
Wilson Moore Co. K, 26th North Carolina AUGUST 1863
Thomas J. Morgan Co. H, 6th Virginia Cavalry MARCH 1863
W. H. Morris Co. D, 8th Alabama MAY 1864
William F. Morris Co. K, 47th Alabama JUNE 1863
Wilber D. Mosiere Lt., 93rd New York Volunteers JUNE 1864
Jos. Mote Co. C, 2nd Georgia NOVEMBER 1862
Lemuel H. Moye Co. F, 4th North Carolina DECEMBER 1862
J. Mullins Co. B, 24th Virginia MARCH 1862
James R. Murphy Co, B, 16th Virginia JANUARY 1863
J. L. Murrell Co. A, 9th Louisiana JUNE 1862
John E. Myers Co, E, 8th South Carolina JUNE 1863
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