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Recently the hotel has had many visitors interested in the "permanent residents" inhabiting our premises. It has come to our attention that visitors are interested in tours after dark, which can be arranged by contacting us.

It isn't necessary for our Guides to purposefully frighten you as our "permanent residents" often make their presence known. There have been numerous reports of apparitions as well as the many unexplained sounds described by past visitors. As it is impossible to predict when these "permanent residents" will make their presence known, we urge you to visit often.

Contact our knowledgeable Curator today to make arrangements for your own, intimate ghost tour... if you dare!

While taking you from room to room, our Curator will lead you back through time while informing you of the lost souls on the property. You could be one of the lucky ones who meet "Annie Smith", the hotel's former cook; Mrs. Leevy who lost her sanity while her doctor husband treated soldiers; "George Plant", the hospital's grave digger; or one of the numerous Civil War Soldiers who died while receiving treatment here. It is doubtful that you would have a question or concern he can't address.

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