The Exchange Hotel, Gordonsville, Virginia

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Historical Reenactments

Civil War Cavalry Reenactments
Civil War cavalry
Civil War Crafting Reenactments
Civil War crafts
Civil War Medical Reenactments
Civil War battlefield medicine
Coming Attraction! Join us at the Exchange Hotel as we perform live medical reenactments, May 31st and June 1st.


Dr. E. A. Craighill Exhibit
Dr. E. A. Craighill, one of the Exchange Hotel's physicians
Telegraph Machine Exhibit
Working telegraph machine, an authentic reproduction of those used during the Civil War
Torbert's Raid Exhibit
Torbert's Raid, a Civil War battle in sight of Gordonsville
Civil War Uniform Exhibit
Civil War uniforms, original and authentic from the Civil War era
Momentos of a Dead Yankee Exhibit
Family momentos of a Yankee who died at the Exchange Hotel

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