400 South Main Street, Gordonsville VA 22942
I. Rental Facilities

a. Facilities available for rent for activities such as weddings and receptions include the Museum grounds; specific parts of the historic Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum building which include: the exterior porches and staircases, the Tavern Room, the modern kitchen, interior access to the front porch; and the historic kitchen building. These facilities may be rented individually or jointly depending on the size of the event and renter's needs. Maximum number of guests will not exceed 300. The rental fees will vary with number of facilities used. No parties or guests may interfere in any way with the normal operations or scheduled special events at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum.

b. All facilities are available only before and after museum operating hours and on days that the museum is not normally open. Duration of rental period will be determined upon submission of rental application to the Executive Committee of the Historic Gordonsville, Inc. Board which is the body charged with approving or disapproving such applications.

c. No representation is made, express or implied, as to the fitness or suitability of any of the rental facilities for the purpose(s) intended, notwithstanding anything which may be to the contrary. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. assumes no responsibility for providing security services of any kind.

d. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. waives any and all liability for injuries to and for property damage of any renter, guests, agents, contracted service employees, and/or any other persons associated with the event for which the property has been rented.

II. Rental Fees

a. To rent any of the facilities at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum for a private social occasion, the Renter must join Historic Gordonsville, Inc. by donating a minimum of $100.00. This contribution may be tax-deductible. Additionally, a portion of the rental fee may be designated either as a donation to the Railroad Fund for restoration of the historic freight depot or as a donation to the Historic Gordonsville, Inc. Endowment Fund. Such donations may be tax-deductible; however, no guarantee can be made. If there is any question, please consult your tax advisor.

b. Rental fees range from $500 to $3,500, depending upon the areas needed. The fee schedule is listed below. The rental fee is due within 14 days of the time the reservation is made and is not refundable. Should an event be canceled after full payment of the rental fees, only the security deposit would be refunded.

c. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the rental of its facilities at any time as may be in the public interest or due to weather or for any reason beyond its control.

III. Reservations

a. To reserve a date, we must receive payment of the $100 membership fee and a $500 security deposit in the form of personal checks or money orders payable to the appropriate account funds.

Payment: Made out to:
Membership Historic Gordonsville, Inc. $100
Security Deposit Historic Gordonsville, Inc. $500
Rental Fee Historic Gordonsville, Inc. $______
Donation Historic Gordonsville, Inc. $______

It is understood and agreed that the Renter is responsible and liable for any disrepair or damage to the property of Historic Gordonsville, Inc. arising out of Renter's use of the rental property or caused by Renter, its agents, guests, or invitees. The security deposit will be returned to the Renter after the scheduled event, assuming no damages have occurred. In case of damage to any of Historic Gordonsville, Inc. facilities, exhibits, or furnishings, Historic Gordonsville, Inc. will deduct the cost of damages from the deposit. Should damages exceed the amount of the deposit, Historic Gordonsville, Inc. will bill the Renter the difference. Charges for additional time (i.e., use of the property after agreed upon period) may be deducted from this deposit. If the event is canceled before the rental fee is paid in full, the security deposit and initial portion of the rental fee are forfeited.

b. The facilities can be held on a tentative (unpaid) reservation for seven days. If payment of the security deposit has not been received within that one-week period, the tentative reservation will be canceled.

IV. Setup

Tables, chairs, and other equipment rented from suppliers may be delivered one day in advance. It is the Renter's responsibility to arrange for a caterer, florist, etc. and is the Renter's/caterer's responsibility to set up this material. Equipment rentals should be arranged one week in advance. Tents are restricted to certain parts of the grounds as are any portable toilets that may be used.

V. Clean-up

a. Renters are responsible for clean-up on the day of their rental. All items brought onto the museum grounds in connection with rental use must be removed and the facilities rented returned to original condition of cleanliness.

b. Clean-up crews as well as guests must vacate the property by 11 p.m. or by the agreed upon exit time. If the parties have not vacated by the agreed time, an additional charge not to exceed $200.00 for each hour or portion thereof after 11 p.m. will be levied on the Renter.

c. All catering supplies and rental equipment must be removed by 9:00 a.m. the day following the event unless special provision is made in advance with the Museum Manager or designated representative of Historic Gordonsville, Inc.

VI. Food, Beverage, Conduct

a. Food and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) arrangements are left to the discretion of the Renter. The choice of caterer is entirely the Renter's. First time caterers at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum must meet with a designated representative of Historic Gordonsville, Inc. along with the Renter prior to the event to be approved and familiarize themselves with the facilities.

b. Food and beverages served to guests must be consumed in the immediate vicinity of the serving area. The consumption of alcoholic beverages must comply with all laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including open-container and drinking age policies. Renter shall be responsible for monitoring and supervising the consumption of alcoholic beverages either personally or by a responsible individual designated in advance. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal of Renter and Renter's guests.

c. To protect the museum's valuable and unique pieces, Historic Gordonsville, Inc. reserves the right to ask the Renters and/or their guests to vacate the premises immediately should the conduct of the Renters and/or guests threaten the property, facilities, and/or museum collection. This will be determined by the person or persons designated by Historic Gordonsville, Inc. to be their on-site representative during the rental period.

d. Electronically amplified music is not allowed, but acoustic instruments may be played.

VII. Parking

All vehicles must be parked in regular parking areas. The cost of restoring lawns, if damaged by vehicles or Renters or guests, must be paid by the Renter.

VIII. Permits

Any and all permits required by the Town of Gordonsville must be obtained by the Renter.

IX. Ordinances

All ordinances of the Town of Gordonsville must be observed and adhered to by the Renter who is also responsible for the observation of and adherence to the ordinances by the Renter's guests.

X. Right of Refusal

Historic Gordonsville, Inc. reserves the right of refusal to any request for use of its facilities during the application process or after initial approval without incurring any penalty for such action.

XI. Insurance

Extra liability insurance, if deemed necessary, is the responsibility of the Renter.

Request to Engage Facilities at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum

The undersigned wishes to engage Historic Gordonsville, Inc. facilities for
____________________________(name of event) on ________ (date) beginning at
__________ (time) and ending at _________ (time) for approximately_______persons.

1. Grounds only $500

Front garden:

Front Garden



Memorial Garden:

Memorial Garden

Parking Area: (included with all rentals)

Parking Area

2. Grounds and exterior porches $750

Museum Front:

Museum Front

Museum Rear:

Museum Rear

3. Grounds, exterior porches, internal access to front porch $1500

4. Grounds, exterior porches, internal access to front porch and use of Historic Tavern Room in Museum building $2500

5. Grounds, exterior porches, internal access to front porch, Tavern Room, living history participants in period dress $3500

Living History Participants:

Living History Participants

Rental Contract