Fancy frockcoats of this design were usually worn by officers of higher grade than captain. The sash appears to be a long civilian scarf. Classic black military slouch hat made by D'Arcy of New Orleans under contract to the Confederate government. The vest is typical confederate cloth and cut, the four-button sack coat of woolen jeans cloth is not. This tunic shows signs of rough wear and careful mending. Nine-button black wool shell jacket with Federal-style shoulder boards and cuff-size eagle 1 buttons. This coat is believed to be of pre-war militia or early war origin. Seven button shell jacket is typical Confederate, but of finer fabric and cut than those manufactured by the western. Regulation-style artillery kepi of red wool with captain's gold braid on sides and crown. Common style of Confederate Officer's frockcoat, the cut is simple and unpretentious. No frills except for the elaborately designed manuscript A buttons.



research indicates that all apparel was the property of captain Maynard from Louisiana and that he was of Average Size, wealthy and somewhat of a dandy.

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