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Antebellum Orange- The Pre-Civil War Homes, Public Buildings and Historic Sites of Orange County, Virginia by Ann L. Miller $27.50

Gordonsville, Virginia-Historic Crossroads Town by William H. B. Thomas$14.95

Patriots of the Upcountry-Orange County, Virginia in the Revolution by William H. B. Thomas $12.95

Orange, Virginia- Story of A Courthouse Town by William H. B. Thomas $9.95

The First Settlers of Orange County, Virginia 1700-1776 by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr. $25.00

Probated Wills: Orange County, Virginia 1861-1865 compiled by James W. Cortada $5.00

A Different Window...a different victory: the Civil War Records, Diaries and Letters of Zephaniah Turner Ross, Captain Co. B, 3th Virginia Regiment: A History of Company B- The Culpeper Minute Men $17.95

Soldiers, Stories , Sites and Fights Orange County, Virginia 1861-1865 and the Aftermath by Patricia J. Hurst $29.95

The Fanny Hume Diary of 1862- A Year in Wartime Orange, Virginia edited by J. Randolph Grymes, Jr. $14.95

1861 Diary of Miss Fannie Page Hume, Orange Virginia introduction by James W. Cortada $5.00


Confederate Surgeon: The Personal Recollections of E. A. Craighill edited by Peter W.Houck $25.00
(Note: Dr. Craighill served as Assistant Surgeon for 15 months at the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital)

Medical Practices in the Civil War by Susan Provost Beller $9.99

Kate: the Journal of a Confederate Nurse edited by Richard Barksdale Harwell $18.95

A Confederate Nurse-The Diary of Ada W. Bacot 1860-1863 edited by Jean V. Berlin $12.95
(Note: Mrs. Bacot served in Charlottesville, VA)

Manual of Directions for Army Nurses $5.00
(Note: reproduction of the 1861 booklet published by Women's Central Association of Relief to the Army)

Civil War Medicine- An Illustrated History by Mark J. Schaadt, M. D. $21.95

Gangrene and Glory- Medical Care during American Civil War by Frank R. Freemon $24.95

Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service by H. H. Cunningham $17.95

A Southern Woman's Story: Phoebe Yates Pember $14.95
(Note: Mrs. Pember served at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Va.)

A Prototype of a Confederate Hospital Center in Lynchburg, Virginia $14.95

Letters and Journal of a Civil War Surgeon:Stewart J. Petree, M. D. $21.95

Directions for Cooking by Troop in Camp and Hospital with Essays on "Taking Food" and "What Food" by Florence Nightingale $5.00
(Note published in 1861)

Gordonsville Receiving Hospital (Charity Hospital) Death Roster $3.50

Hospital Regulations for the Gordonsville Receiving and Forwarding Hospital, B. M. Lebby, Surgeon in Charge $1.50
(Note this is a legal sized poster suitable for framing)

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(Prices cited above do not include Virginia 4.5% sales tax or the cost of S & H.)
Shipping and handling charges average $5.00 per book.

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